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ALINEA - Transition into machine woven design

The reason behind this work is to take Alinea to the next level. During Alinea, the focus was introducing bioplastic as an unconventional material in the hand-weaving technique. Industrializing is required to take this to the next level by making it even more available for the industry. The road for transforming bioplastic into a real yarn takes time and knowledge; that is why this project studies the technique of machine weaving with a future visioned bioplastic yarn (in this situation, normal coloured yarns) and how the pieces could ‘look like’ woven with a jacquard loom.

This work explores the future vision of bioplastic weaves into machine weaving. Using coloured yarns and play with machine weave dencity techniques to translate previous made handwoven bioplastic prototypes.

Machine weaving is a big part of our textile industry, and in order to change the way of producing our textiles, we need to change the ingredients or methods used in developing the textiles. The future vision of bioplastic yarn with a machine weaving technique will prove that bioplastic can play a role in becomes a desirable material steering textile design towards a more sustainable future.



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