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Nowadays we wear clothes to hide our nakedness. We hide behind the clothes and proclaim that they protect us.


I have based this project on the difference between nude and naked. The big difference between both is the comfort zone we experience. Nakedness gives us a feeling of embarrassment and inconvenience, while nudity gives us a boost of self-confidence and power. There is a small difference between the words but a big difference between the feelings we experience with both.


I made the suit based on both words.  In intimate areas the transparent silicone material has a top layer of thermo-pigment ink that changes according to your body temperature. This way it is possible to indicate how one feels in a situation, if you feel uncomfortable, all the intimate areas of the body are covered with this colour but if you feel comfortable in your environment, the body will warm up and this will turn the colour into complete transparency and reveal the nude and confident body.



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