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Leather is one of the bad elements in our environment, but it is also one of the strongest materials. Yet there are people who, when leather does not look beautiful anymore, throw it away. The city of Rotterdam wanted to do something about it so it started gathering old leather couches and gave us the task of re-using this leather, by giving it a new life.

To achieve this, I came across the idea of using heat. Leather changes shape and structure as soon as it is heated to a certain temperature. The idea behind it was that, to re-invent a material, you need to take away its old looks.


For the design, I am going to look at what the features of leather are. In Its original state, leather provides warmth and protection to the animal against elements from outside. By designing three identical sweaters and providing each sweater with another fastening technique, each sweater will be a unique object on its own.  I heated each sweater separately at a different temperature to create a unique form. This way the leather gets acompletely new look and life. 



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