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In collaboration with KOI and Alexander van Slobbe, a project has been set up to find a nice solution for the remnants of KOI’s jeans. The idea behind this project was that if any pants were used, every part of those pants had to be re-used. The intention was to make different items of clothing , each in their own design. One requirement was that the wearable clothing would be a pants, top, skirt, and dress.


I started restoring pants because there was no concept to be linked to the design. I started thinking about embroidery quotes, each quote was to give a statement. The black colour of the pants were combined with white fleece of other pants.  Of the other parts of the lighter pants, I started a jacket that has the same contrast image as the pants.


After the project the Denim Days Amsterdam contacted us to see if we wanted to show our project on the Denim Days Amsterdam event. After the exhibition at the Denim Days, our work was also shown at the Fair Fashion event in Rotterdam.



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