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In recent years, our consumer behaviour has changed. We want to renew everything as quickly as possible and get it as cheap as possible. We do not attach any value to our clothes anymore. 

The idea behind this concept is to give our clothes a new and personal meaning . Through valuable memories, the wearer can put a unique personal print on his clothing. The print is designed from a reminder of an earlier memory which is important to the wearer.

The memory is recorded by a brainwave device that shows the brain activity when thinking of this memory. The designer will then convert this data to a print and personalise it to the individual wishes of the customer. In this way, our clothes get a new identity and the design becomes more personal, unlike, for example, a t-shirt bought at Zara.


The collaboration between the customer and designer should create a better connection between the customer and his clothes which means that people will discard their clothes less quickly in order to replace them with something new.



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